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What Fire Protection services & products do we provide?

We carry a wide Range of products & services that will help protect the Fort Worth Dallas Area. You will find the ones you need herein.

Fire Extinguisher

New fire extinguishers

We have Dry Chemical(ABC & BC),Co2,Halon-Halotron,Class K,Class D & of course the old standard Water.


We do inspections at Our shop or Your Location.


We do repairs, recharges(refills), annual maintenance, 6 Yr & 12 Yr maintenance(hydros) on All Brands

Cabinets,Brackets & Signs

We have a wide variety.

Fire Suppression

New Installations

We are factory trained Buckeye


We do Annual & Semi-annual certification inspections.


We service all brands of Dry Chemical,Co2,Halon & Foam Systems.

Halon System

Fire Alarms   Exit Lights


Large or small we do them all.


We do battery replacement,repairs & testing

Exit light